The Hamburger Man

There is a guy I know. He is a giving soul. Not that most people would know it though. He's kind of quiet about it. He tells a few folks about what he does if he thinks they might be inspired to find a way to help out.

He doesn't give large corporate donations. He doesn't give money to huge structured charities. (He says they waste too much money.) He does volunteer his time to small local charities sometimes. He doesn't really have much money to give being a man of modest means. But, he does like to give something back. He says folks helped him and his family when they needed it most.

burgerHere is what he does. He goes direct to the source, cuts out the middleman he says. He goes to a hamburger place, a fast food place if you will. He buys as many hamburgers as he can on that particular day, and french fries too. He has them special bag it, two burgers per bag and one order of fries. Then he takes the bags of burgers and fries and drives around in his car until he finds some hungry homeless people who could use some food. It's not too hard to find hungry people in his town, or any town or city for that matter.

If he sees one person, he gives them a bag. At least it's one meal he figures, or maybe even two if they save one burger for later. If there are a couple, a family or a group he will give them two or three bags or more. As long as every person has at least one bag.

He says the best thing about it is the thanks and the smiles he gets. He has people ask him how did he know that they needed something to eat. Or, sometimes they are so happy that someone cared enough to hand them a bag bag of burgers that they literally cry tears of joy and shake his hand. They call him the hamburger man. They say man I was hoping I'd see you today hamburger man. Thank you!

There are homeless centers, church groups and others who try to help feed the homeless and that is great news. The hamburger man just likes to do it his own way. He says somebody helped lift him up when he was down, otherwise he wonders where he would be now. Maybe on the streets himself. Most of all he wants to give hope to people. Hope and hamburgers. Hope that someone who needs help will realize people can care for their brothers and sisters. Hope that others will give out hamburgers or do whatever they can, whenever and wherever they can.

Thank you hamburger man!

Resource: The resource here is inspiration from the hamburger man. Please supply your own burgers and fries. You know what to do. Thank you.

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