Send Emma a Birthday Card

I was inspired to write this bit of verse after learning of this young lady: 800 Cards for Emma's 8th Birthday
Updated: Now Emma's Army on Facebook and added to our Resources page. 

- - -

Wise beyond her very few years

Hopes in birthday cards

Help cast away the fears

She knows something better

Down the road days ahead

Tomorrow never knows what road

Taken maybe forsaken

We travel on in silence

Lifting up burdens

Helping each others cares

Sending out recycled kindness

Light pierces through the dark night

Lost in fortune or fame

Road weary and struggling

Couldn’t we all say the same

So put a stamp on that letter

Make a selfless image

Send a prayer on a wing

Best hopes and wishes

Celebrate everything

- - -

by Chris Nielsen ©2014

Resource: 800 Cards for Emma's 8th Birthday - Facebook page

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